Rudraksha Mala: Top 5 Things to Consider

Rudraksha Mala: Top 5 Things to Consider

Lord Shiva is the most powerful deity in the Hindu religion. There is a robust belief amongst the devotees that if someone worships Bholenath, all the hardship and problems associated with their life get diminished and make life full of blessings. It will help one to handle all types of challenges in its life that seem like obstacles to growth. Making Rudraksha a part of your life is the perfect way to be his disciple so you can ask him to guide you in your hardship.   

Rudraksha is nothing but a holy wood and has a massive belief that it directly came from the tears of lord shiva. Undoubtedly, Rudraksha has healing power. Therefore, it has more demand than any other gems and stones that have been found so far on planet earth. People looking for various ways to transform their lives into sanity and purity. With that, they also want to live prosperous and blessed lives so they opt for Rudraksha.   

There is one thing about Rudraksha that makes it loved by many people there is no restriction to wearing Rudraksha or Rudraksha Mala. Anyone can wear Rudraksha in any form, there are some common ways to wear Rudraksha. One can wear Rudraksha beads on a Mala or in mala.

5 Things to Consider Before Wearing a Rudraksha Mala  
Wearing a Rudraksha Mala provides satisfaction and inner peace with everything that you have gained in your life and works as a blessing for you. Here are 5 points to consider for wearing it:

1. Always Adopt Rudraksha with Believe  
Having faith in Rudraksha is the most important thing to ensure that you are ready for wearing Rudraksha. So before you start chanting and wearing Rudraksha, just feel its supreme power to bring happiness to your life. Because purity and belief, both physical and mental, are crucial that you can’t ignore.

2. Self-Purification  
Another important factor to consider while wearing Rudraksha is that you need to ensure your self-purification. You should clean yourself with a proper bath. Adding to it, it is strongly recommended to avoid non-vegetarian food. You can also start reading holy books and enhance your involvement in religious activities. Finally, it will help you proceed with a peaceful life with heavenly Rudraksha beads.

3. Avoid Wearing Rudraksha in Certain Places  
When it comes to serving God, we should maintain proper purity. Avoid touching the pious beads of Rudraksha repeatedly with your unwashed and dirty hands. It is recommended not to wear them in washing areas. Wearers should remove the Rudraksha Mala before going to a funeral or cremation.

4. Do Not Share Your Rudraksha Mala  
It is common in our society that people share their goods with each other. Especially for women, sharing jewelry is very common and it isn't surprising. But when it comes to Rudraksha, we all need to understand that Rudraksha Malas are not any general jewel but represent the power of Lord Shiva. When you wear a Rudraksha Mala that is energized especially for you. Your Rudraksha Mala must be worn by you only and not by others. If you share it with people, your connection with Lord Shiva that has been made after performing certain rituals gets disconnected.

5. The procedure of Wearing Rudraksha  
A rudraksha Mala bestows riches, wealth, tranquility, and good health upon the wearer. Rudraksha Malas must be first worn according to the correct rituals. It cannot be placed or worn by someone without performing rituals. The proper mantras recited by priests activate the holy and sacred function of the Rudraksha beads.

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