Shaligram Stone – How to Worship Performing all the Rituals

Shaligram Stone – How to Worship Performing all the Rituals

People who belong to the Vaishnav community have strong faith in the Shaligram stone and believe that it is the most sacred stone, and worshiping it brings prosperity and removes obstacles from the success path. And, having a pious stone Shaligram, the symbol of Vishnu, is equally beneficial to its worshippers as the use of ‘Lingam,’ the symbol of Lord Shiva. And the originating place of Shaligram is the Gadkari river near Muktinath, situated in Nepal.

Benefits of Worshiping Shaligram Shila

Unquestionably, Shaligram worship blesses its performer spiritually, and it is the direct way to spirituality and to achieve spiritual accomplishments. Also, householders who worship it to fulfill their material needs and follow all the rituals and rules for their material growth will indeed address the results in their favor. According to the scriptures, performing Shaligram Puja is the way to have six values of life:

  • Righteous living
  • Wealth
  • Protection
  • Good health
  • Worldly Pleasures
  • Spiritual

Which also might seem possible to attain by wearing Ek Mukhi Rudraksha. However, 1 Mukhi rudraksha has its significance to benefit its wearer differently.

The most revered stone in Vaishnava’s devotion is the Shaligram, which is used to honor Vishnu. To succeed in life, one must conduct Shivling puja every day. In addition, shivlings aid in preserving a friendly relationship between a husband and wife.

How Should You Worship Shaligram Shila?

Start by sitting in the correct position, i.e., facing East or North in Each direction. Then, use a sacred form of water called Gangajal, and wash the Shila with the help of a conch. Now, prepare panchagavya; for this, take cow dung, cow urine, milk, curd, jaggery, ghee, banana, Tender coconut, and water and mix it gently. After you get your panchgavya prepared then, pour it on Shila. Once thoroughly done with it, you must give it a final wash with Gangajal.

Here, take some Kusha grass, dip it in a water tumbler, and then sprinkle it on the Shila. Then, bring a few pipal leaves and place these leaves on a plate. Afterward, keep the Shaligram Shila on the plate covered by pipal leaves, and don’t forget to put a white or red clean cloth on the plate ahead of placing Shila on it. Finally, light the camphor, incense stick, and lamp to spread positive vibes all over the premises.

Bring sandals paste and apply a few quantities over the Shila. Consider the fresh leaves of tulsi to place next to the in front of the Shila. Then, rotate the lighted lamp clockwise in front of the Shila. Now, with the fullest belief in the energy of the Lord, start chanting Hare-Krishna Hare-Krishna Krishna-Krishna Hare-Hare 9 times. Also, keep offering some milk, fruits, or sweets to Shila. You can add to keep some money on the plate while worshiping and then donate it along with all the offerings of the Shila to the poor person.

Note: Do not worry if a few of the written items, for instance, cow dung and cow’s urine are not available, and you can proceed with the things that are accessible.

When you pray, keep yourself clean not only externally but internally too, and think about only Lord Krishna. Also, tell him how you are guilty of all your wrong deeds; still, he has blessed you with many things. It is a universal truth that you have so many personal motives to perform your Puja as if there would have no motive in life or has all desires or even if one has a desire for liberation, praying is the key to attaining everything that you are dreaming of.

Therefore, you should not blame yourself if you ask the Lord for anything because there is no wrong with asking from parents here because; in this materialistic world, you can not trust anyone blindly and can’t accept anything from anyone unless or until they see their benefit in helping you or giving you something. So, you should share all your needs with God and wait for the correct time when he blesses you with what you ask him for.

Mantra to recite while meditating:“Om akama-sarva-kamo-va moksha-kama-udaradi tivrena bhakti-yogena yajesha purusham param.”

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